Well it was well over a decade ago when I launched my first portfolio site and I thought that it might be time for a change. So here's some things new mixed with some things old. Enjoy...

Dade Orgeron enjoyed a rich cultural upbringing in New Orleans, LA before moving on to Chicago to pursue a career in new media design. Self-taught with a strong technical foundation he became a multi-disciplined designer with skills in print, multimedia and web-design, all the while focusing on 3D and it's design implementation. His unique abilities took him to Digital Kitchen Chicago where he was able to further expand on his motion and VFX skills both aesthetically and technically.

He then later moved on to Digital Kitchen Seattle as Senior CG/VFX Director. There his task grew to involve all aspects of production from 3D generalist and compositor, to VFX supervision and consultation.
As advertising up-scaled it's expectation for VFX in commercials, Dade Orgeron worked with Digital Kitchen to help expand it's VFX capabilities without stifling it's industry respected creative prowess. This process earned him numerous awards, including an Emmy for his contribution to the opening titles of Kingdom Hospital.

He currently serves as CG/VFX Director of Superfad Seattle where he continues to strive for creative freedom in an overwhelmingly technical world of VFX. Working with small nimble teams of highly talented artist and backed by an even rarer breed of creative producers, he continues to pursue the boundaries of visual storytelling and looks forward to the future of advertising and technology's impact upon it.
2003 BDA Silver, 2004 Emmy Nomination, 2004 Resfest, 2004 BDA Gold, 2004 CA Design Excellence, 27th Telly Awards, 2006 BDA Gold, 2008 Promax Gold, 2008 BDA Silver